Where Are Thou Comey?

What can Gizmodo's piece teach us about research?

A Gizmodo piece entitled “This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account” went around social media this week. The headline was certainly catchy and several people I follow expressed admiration for the effort and train of thought that went into collecting a series of seemingly disparate threads into a reasonable... [Read More]
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Research Pride

Why I Love Being a Part of This Community

As we celebrate #ResearchPride month, I’ve been inspired to do something that I’ve wanted to do for ages - setup a blog - in order to share my love of this industry that has grown within me over the last four years. I backed into the world of prospect development... [Read More]
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Hello World!

I have thought for years about creating a blog. I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds1, skim probably a dozen news sites a day, and post a few times a week on Twitter. However, what I don’t have is a place for my voice. As I started using Twitter... [Read More]
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