Managing Social Media for Apra North Texas

For those that don’t know, I serve as the Vice President and Communications Director of Apra North Texas. When I started my role at the beginning of 2016, we had a sporadic presence on Twitter. I didn’t want to be a chapter that only tweeted out event reminders and live-tweeted... [Read More]
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National Infertility Awareness Week

our struggle to conceive

My sincere thanks to Harmonie for helping me put this piece together. Watching her endure all that she went through, I’m not sure I would have had her strength to keep striving toward what she felt in her heart was God’s plan for our family. I learned this week is... [Read More]
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My Research Journey

When I was growing up, prospect research was not even a concept, much less a possible career path. Like many people, I backed into this career and rarely looked back. [Read More]
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Spoiler Alert?

Balancing Spoilers as a Parent

Over a few days last week our daughter finally got around to watching Zootopia. She loves Shakira’s Try Everything and has watched the YouTube video more times than I can count. But she has a very hard time watching any sort of sadness/danger/tension onscreen, and therefore we’ve had to turn... [Read More]
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