Theatre in Ithaca

My alma mater’s paper, The Ithacan, posted an editorial earlier this week entitled “Local theater initiatives deserve more recognition.” I know I’ve taken a long, winding path to my current career, but a I am amazed by how strong my feelings are for my time in the theatre. Even today, seven... [Read More]
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Weekend Getaway

This weekend Harmonie and I are having our first child-free getaway since our daughter was born back in 2011. Now, six years later, we have two kids. This isn’t a glamorous or exotic vacation, we’re just heading a little outside the metroplex to spend the weekend staying at the Inn... [Read More]
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Replacing My Mac mini Hard Drive

Before we went on vacation, our late-2012 Mac mini gave me an error as I was trying to complete a backup using Carbon Copy Cloner, a program I use to duplicate both the Mac’s hard drive as well as our external media drive that contains our Photos and iTunes libraries.... [Read More]
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Not the Same

time marches on

My wife’s family has been coming to Ogunquit, Maine for more than two decades, and every year they stay in the same cottage at the same resort. The town’s website describes its’ name and allure: [Read More]
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