Melissa Rauch Reflects on the Heartache of Miscarriage

Melissa Rauch wrote a beautiful piece over on Glamour describing the struggles that she and her husband have had in trying to conceive. I love how open and honest she is with the readers about the pain that fertility issues bring. [Read More]
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Sotheby's Extraordinary Living

At some point this year I started adding more prospect research blogs to my RSS reader. I find RSS much quicker, especially for these sorts of feeds, to sort through and pick out interesting articles to share. One of the feeds I added was Sotheby’s Extraordinary Living blog which offers... [Read More]
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Life, In Six Charts

Quartz shared an analysis by Henrik Lindberg of data from the American Time Use Survey. Henrik wrote several pieces and has shared his code over on Github. [Read More]
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Do You Have Concrete Moneyitis?

Jen Filla wrote a post yesterday titled “Researcher, Are You Cheating Your Organization Out of Money?” that really hit me, especially as we are working through wealth screening results at work. [Read More]
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Podcasts I Love

As the parent of six year old, I was reminded recently that I’m not sure I’d know a Top 40 song if it hit me in the face these days. I don’t think I’ve regularly listened to the radio in over six years - instead I listen to podcasts. [Read More]