What Does Luxury Mean to You?

I was reading an article on Mansion Global for work recently (although I’ve been known to get lost in their listings before too!), and came across an interview with Dan Conn, the chief executive officer of Christie’s International Real Estate. [Read More]
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Working Mom Life

a blog from my amazing wife

Today is our 11th anniversay, and I thought I’d celebrate my amazing wife by sharing her newest undertaking. 1 Lest I think I was the only one in this relationship to celebrate the other today, Harmonie beat me to the punch! ↩ [Read More]
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Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! In honor of today, I thought I’d share some of the delicious-looking work of Teeny Lamothe, owner of Teeny Pies. Harmonie and I went to school with Teeny, and I discovered her passion for pies last year on Instagram. [Read More]
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Combining Drop-Down Lists with VLOOKUP

I saw a question on Twitter about whether someone could, in Google Sheets, have a sheet auto-populate information based on a name that was chosen from a drop-down menu. In this case, the request was to have an email address automatically populate, but this could work for any piece of... [Read More]
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