Hi, I’m Matt.

I’m a prospect researcher living in Grapevine, the Christmas Capital of Texas! I’m married to a fundraising rockstar (at least in my humble opinion) who conveniently happens to be my best friend, and we’ve been married for over a decade now. We’re also blessed to be the parents of two amazing kids.

Professionally, I’m the Vice President and Communications Director of Apra North Texas and I manage the chapter’s Twitter account. We’re a local chapter of Apra International.

About This Site

I’ve thought about having my own site for a long time. I think that greatest appeal to me is feeling the freedom to write about whatever topic I’d like. I love Twitter, but I struggle to know whether the audience I’m speaking to is personal, professional, or something in the middle. I also love the idea of having a place where I own my own content and don’t have to worry about a platform going away.

So, you may see posts about prospect research and management, family, politics, R, and anything else that I find interesting.

I have hosted my site through GitHub Pages with a custom domain purchased through Hover. If you’re looking for a place to get started, here is the tutorial I used to get started. The site’s theme is forked from Dean Attali’s Beautiful Jekyll.