I’ve long been fascinated by people who make their income in non-traditional means. In recent years, that might be a blogger or podcaster, but now we see people who appear to make a living being an influencer on Instagram.

Buzzfeed has a terrific look behind the camera at the money, time, effort, and challenges that go into earning an income on Instagram.

“Besides the obvious shopping expense, there’s marketing, legal, and accounting,” she says. On top of that, she spends money on travel, equipment, and venue rentals. Her Instagram and blog were originally intended to just help generate traffic for her online clothing store, but now she says her dream is to “keep producing high-end editorial content” — for lots of brands, not just fashion — and to work with an even larger staff.

Professionally, this article is an interesting look into a world that some of our fundraising prospects come from. Personally, it is a good reminder that the image in your timeline is often just that, an image, not necessarily reality.

Being an influencer can be isolating in other ways as well. David Pangilinan (@davidisherenow), a 23-year-old lifestyle influencer with 216,000 followers, says that his large social media presence can sometimes put a strain on his relationships. “I don’t speak about it on dates because it can intimidate people,” he says. “My best friends know they’re going to eat their food cold by the time I’m done taking photos for all my platforms.”