I’ve been lamenting for months now about the lack of posts here on the site. Sometimes that has been a result of not knowing what to talk about, but more often than not it is a result of having other priorities, especially around the holidays.

Coincidentally, I came across two other posts whose authors also lamented not doing more with their blogs, however each came to different conclusions.

Katie Floyd, attorney and one of the hosts of the Mac Power Users podcast, wrote a post on her personal site explaining that blogging never really became something she enjoyed, as much as she tried.

Many people I admire and respect have wonderful blogs and website, so I figured it was something that I should have too. Over the years I’ve tried to “force” myself to blog more often and it always felt like a chore.

Scott McNulty, who I was introduced to through The Incomparable podcast, has found himself recommitted to writing more on his blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I still write a lot but the vast majority of my writing is for ye olde day job. I seem to have fallen out of the habit of writing for pleasure.

I can understand both Katie and Scott’s positions with their respective blogs. When I first started this site, the idea of emulating those whose work I admire definitely played a role in my decision to start blogging.

I have also enjoyed the technical challenge of teaching myself GitHub and Jekyll. I will, however, admit to having used those challenges as a crutch to not posting as often as I could, because I still haven’t found a good workflow for posting from my iPad. Before the holidays I started brainstorming solutions and telling myself I’d get back to posting once those roadblocks were sorted out. After a couple of days I gave myself a mental head slap and realized there will always be something that I want to tweak or adjust.

Here’s to doing more in 2018.