This weekend Harmonie and I are having our first child-free getaway since our daughter was born back in 2011. Now, six years later, we have two kids. This isn’t a glamorous or exotic vacation, we’re just heading a little outside the metroplex to spend the weekend staying at the Inn on Lake Granbury. Part of that decision was financial, but the other was practical. The purpose of this getaway is just to relax, spend time with one another, and not worry about schedules or kids for two nights. My parents have graciously offered to pick our kids up from school this afternoon and bring them home on Sunday after our son’s nap. In between there, we have zero responsibilities or plans.

So, tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to wake up on my own terms without my son yelling, “Dada!” over the monitor or my daughter shaking my shoulder, often before 6 AM. Both of us are bringing books to enjoy, and I’m hoping to be able to get more content started for this blog. But, if that doesn’t happen, that’s ok. I’m just looking forward to recharging and spending time with Harmonie.