As I filed some receipts recently, I realized my setup has changed quite a bit over the last couple of months as I prepared to move to the iPad as my primary computer. I thought I’d spend a few minutes outlining where everything lives as a reference for myself as well as for anyone who was curious.

Where's My Stuff


Since I decided to use iCloud Photo Library, I’ve switched to the 2TB plan for $10/month. With iOS 11, our family be able to share iCloud storage which will be nice since I’m not using 2TB and my wife is paying $1/month for extra storage.


My personal email, contacts, and calendars live in Gmail. I also have my photos backed up to Google Photos, but I’m reconsidering that now that I have iCloud Photo Library. I also have a couple of shared documents with my community group from church.


All of the Dropbox actions are carry-overs from a time when I used Dropbox as my primary storage service. I’ve moved most things out, but the ones that remain require some thought before I move them over to iCloud. I previously used the $10/mo Dropbox Plus service, but dropped back down to the free tier when I upgraded my iCloud storage.


  • 1Password is the password manager that my wife and I use to manage and share passwords. Using unique, secure passwords for every site, I’d be sunk without it. ($5/mo)
  • Backblaze backs up everything connected to my Mac mini, including external drives. ($5/mo)
  • Box holds work-related reference files like those for my work with Apra, conference materials, white papers, etc. (provided through employer)
  • OmniFocus is my brain’s to do list. If it isn’t in here, it might as well not exist. ($39.99/standard, $59.98/pro)