Melissa Rauch wrote a beautiful piece over on Glamour describing the struggles that she and her husband have had in trying to conceive. I love how open and honest she is with the readers about the pain that fertility issues bring.

During the time when I was grieving over my pregnancy loss or struggling with fertility issues, every joyful, expectant baby announcement felt like a tiny stab in the heart.

I’ve written previously about our infertility struggle and I love seeing more awareness come to an issue that is so common.

Miscarriage, by the way, deserves to be ranked as one of the worst, most blame-inducing medical terms ever. To me, it immediately conjures up an implication that it was the woman’s fault, like she somehow “mishandled the carrying of this baby.” Eff that so hard, right in its patriarchal nut sack.

I’m thrilled to hear that Melissa and her husband are expecting their first child this fall.