Helen Brown wrote a wonderful piece on the value of a good prospect researcher that brought a smile to my face this morning!

Prospect research professionals, for those of you unfamiliar with the requisite tasks, have to be Jacks and Jills of many trades every day. They have to know just enough about a wide variety of industries, countries, customs, laws, search techniques, resource location and usage, databases, software programs and more, just to know where to go to get more information to fulfil a request or do a proactive project. Oh, and they have to do that within the constraints of limited finances/resources and time, as well as ethics and legal requirements. That’s a lot of hats to wear.

In addition to walking through what she calls a “typically untypical week” (I love this!), she breaks down all of the different professions embodied by a good prospect researcher and assigns a value to each of them.

Put all those professions together, and you’ve got someone who is worth at least three quarters of a million dollars, and I didn’t even begin to put a price tag on the value of their actual work: the reports that enlighten, the memos that provide talking points, the lists of new prospective donors to begin relationships with, and the gifts that eventually come from all of that ground work.

I’ve changed my mind. I think prospect researchers are worth a million bucks. #ResearchPride

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