For those that don’t know, I serve as the Vice President and Communications Director of Apra North Texas. When I started my role at the beginning of 2016, we had a sporadic presence on Twitter. I didn’t want to be a chapter that only tweeted out event reminders and live-tweeted conferences, so I thought for a long time about what the account’s voice would be.

What I settled on was using the chapter’s Twitter account to regularly share news, information, and stories that would be interesting to others in the prospect development field. However, I also knew that there were many people who were on Twitter sporadically and many more who were not on it at all. To serve those people, I came up with the idea of posting a “Week in Review” on our chapter’s website.

To collect content, I skim through approximately 30 different sites each week to try and find enough content to post between one and three times per day each weekday.

Tools I Use


I knew that I wanted the account to tweet regularly and there was no way I could spend my day sharing links to the world as I came across them. To solve that problem, I signed up for a free account with Buffer which lets me queue up to 10 links at a time to share. I can also set a posting schedule to define how many times per day and at what times I want content to go out.

Using Buffer, I can usually get two to three days of content loaded up at once. The service has a web app, browser extension, and app so I can add posts wherever I am.



Nuzzel (iTunes) is a really interesting service that connects to our Twitter account and surfaces links that the people I follow are sharing. For instance, I’ll get a notification if three or more people share the same story, thus alerting me that this is something to look at adding to our feed as well.



Linky (iTunes) is a great little iOS app that lets you quickly and elegantly share content to Facebook and Twitter. If I don’t want to Buffer something, Linky pre-populates a tweet for me with the article’s title, link and suggested images.


MarkdownPad 2

I write all of my content for this blog as well as Apra North Texas in Markdown. MarkdownPad is a simple, lightweight Windows app that lets me write and preview Markdown. I’m also able to copy the text as HTML and paste it right into our site’s CMS.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t put a plug in for Tweetbot (iTunes) by Tapbots. I’ve used them for years and shudder at the thought of having to change Twitter clients.