I have thought for years about creating a blog. I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds1, skim probably a dozen news sites a day, and post a few times a week on Twitter. However, what I don’t have is a place for my voice. As I started using Twitter for work related to my job, I was conflicted. Is Twitter a place for me to share my thoughts on whatever interests me, or it a professional tool that should be curated around my work in prospect development?

My current plan for this blog is to have it focus on whatever strikes my fancy. That will most likely be a combination of technology, prospect development, and R. But don’t be surprised to see posts on parenting, books, and more. My goal isn’t to be the next Daring Fireball, but to have a place where I can own my own content, document the things that are interesting to me, and maybe be a useful reference for whoever stumbles across this site.

Here’s to what may come.

  1. 146 according to Feedbin. I might have a problem…